Topaz Cover

Journey to a secret city, hidden away from satellites and preserved in time by an ancient artificial intelligence...

Shipwrecked while vacationing aboard a Pacific cruise, Jacob Corgan and his son Brandon wash ashore on a mysterious and nameless island. As their struggle to find rescue takes them beyond the beach, they find themselves inadvertently drawn into a decades-long war of ideologies with a sentient computer at its heart.

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FreshWaterFromBenGilePond-Web [1200747]

In a world where a simple drink of water can kill you . . .

When governments collide and the world finds itself in flames on Christmas Eve, only the strong and resourceful survive. For thirty years, the tainted water kills humans and animals alike. Only plants can drink without purifying the poisonous fluid so essential to life.

During those thirty years, the Richmond family ekes out an existence in the backwoods of Maine, keeping to themselves and avoiding all contact with strangers, while miles away, the Perkins family claw their way through town after town, determined to escape the dominating militias and stake out a claim of their own. Neither family knows of the other’s existence. Neither family cares.

Until a crowing rooster sets events in motion that will send the two families on a collision course so violent only one family can survive.

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Forget most of what you know about vampires...

They exist and they go by their own name... Estafru.

Centuries have passed since the Great Purge, when Catholic hunter groups nearly drove the estafru to extinction. Only now are they beginning to flourish again. Isolated and dispersed, the estafru lead a meager existence of survival through concealment, most in clans beneath a despotic master.

But tales still circulate through networks of estafru gossip. They tell of a lost time when the estafru nearly dominated the world under the loving and oppressive eye of their blood goddess, Plect’Aratha. To most it is just scripture, but there are some who still follow the old ways. They are social pariahs, outcasts among outcasts. Dwelling in the darker, tainted hollows of the world, they worship and wait for their goddess’s return.

Such is Clan Rollinsford, nestled in an abandoned colonial village in New Hampshire’s Vaughn Woods. Here the cries of a tormented innocent signify an important arrival, destined to lift the estafru back to providence.

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