Only One Hill

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Starting about three years ago the owner of my company began to notice that I was shedding weight pretty fast. I found during the first few months of my athletic renaissance that people were often reluctant to verbally acknowledge the 20-30 pounds I lost, mostly because they were afraid of me responding to the tune […]

Let’s Make it Official: Work has Commenced on “The Estafru of Rollinsford”

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I hope everyone is ready for Earl Yorke’s sparkle-free take on Vampire Fiction because I’m going back to the darkness of my roots with “The Estafru of Rollinsford”. This is essentially a reworking of “The Bloodlines of Rollinsford” though many characters (Ezeth and Ere’Din Vegis included) and plot elements will remain the same. I had […]

A Quick Note: The Topaz Preface

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The following is the preface for Topaz. This is my thanks to those who I adore above all others, who helped me along with this book and in life. With Topaz coming out on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure that I shared this in advance to properly convey my appreciation. ———————————————————– A Quick Note […]