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Only One Hill

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Starting about three years ago the owner of my company began to notice that I was shedding weight pretty fast. I found during the first few months of my athletic renaissance that people were often reluctant to verbally acknowledge the 20-30 pounds I lost, mostly because they were afraid of me responding to the tune […]



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Just wanted to remind everyone that Topaz will be available on Amazon Kindle March 18th! Here’s a look at the stellar cover artwork, composed by Tina Leikam of WaGooh:


I Know How to Get Along — The Story of Charles Donald Downing

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I wrote this paper in college after interviewing the most amazing man I’ve ever spoken with. It doesn’t require much exposition. This man came from the greatest generation this country ever saw, and I was fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to sit down with him and hear his story. ___________________________________________________ On December 7, 1941, […]


Topaz, Excerpt Three

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As I come to the end of my first revision, I figured I’d share a bit more of Topaz. I can’t deny that I’ve devoted all of my free time to moving it to the next phase since finishing with the first draft, obviously taking away from my contributions to this blog. The need to […]

November is Topaz Month

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In the Ben Gile research posts, specifically Part One, I spoke briefly about how interesting it is that I always end up finishing my major projects in the fall. It is fitting that Topaz is going to share in this tradition even though I didn’t plan for it to work out this way. This will […]