“The Bloodlines of Rollinsford” Release Schedule

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I’ve decided, rather than sit on the two manuscripts I’ve composed for what will be a five or six book series, I’m going to publish a chapter each week of “The Bloodlines of Rollinsford,” my vampire series, here on EarlYorke.com. I love these books. I started with these books. I’ve spent the last two years re-writing the first book into two, adding new characters, inserting others from later books who fit better with this narrative, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out.

The publishing industry has an almost universal disdain for vampire books. While I never once refer to my characters as “vampires” (they are of a different breed, calling themselves the “Estafru”), I won’t deny that they are bloodsucking immortals… animals really.

Get to know them here: The Bloodlines of Rollinsford Series

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