“Topaz” Being Reworked

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually — I’m pulling Topaz, my 800+ page techno-thriller down from the digital shelves in order to rework it for eventual re-release. As to exactly when that re-release will take place, we will have to see. I’ll be very busy promoting Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond between now and Christmas, and have plans to start the final edit on my next book in early 2016. So, for the time being I’m just going to sit on my beloved first foray into the world of digital publishing as I look to the future and bringing it into a condensed paperback form.

To those of you who helped me with the book and supported me by purchasing it for your Kindle or Nook, I remain immensely grateful. But now that I’m seeing my name on physical shelves, I feel it best to honor Topaz by eventually helping it land beside Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond.

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