The “Fresh Water…” Acknowledgements

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As usual, I can’t wait for the book to come out to get my thanks out there. Here’s to those of you who loved, inspired, and carried me as I struggled like Dr. Frankenstein to bring this monster to life. I love you all so much. If I had the space I would have written an entire blurb about every one of you!

Here are the “Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond” acknowledgements…


As always, I must first thank my wife, Dina. Nobody in this world is a bigger cheerleader for my work. When I’m composing, she takes ten pages at a time and burns through them, giving me insightful feedback every step of the way. During the research phase of this novel we hiked out to the very real Ben Gile Pond, guided by my brother, Ryan, and entered through a bog on the north side. Dina almost lost a shoe in that muck as she struggled to get out. I gained certain ideas.

Second I must thank my aforementioned brother, Ryan. He’s my best friend in the world and the only guy woodsy enough to help me pull this novel off. He was the leader of our research expedition, and even though he unintentionally subjected us to that harrowing bog experience, he taught me all kinds of things about the woods of Maine, including the edible nature of cattail roots. I love you, brother!

Sam Dunbar was also instrumental in this book’s evolution. Always the first person to read and give a light edit when I produce a second draft, his eyes were the third pair to see “Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond” and his pencil was the first one other than my own to mark it up. In addition to catching the typos I missed, he joined Dina in providing the feedback that would complete the manuscript for my editor.

And, speaking of my editor, I must give a huge thank you to Louisa Swann. This was our first project together, and certainly will not be our last. She wasn’t afraid to slather me up in red in order to make this book as perfect as possible. Her professionalism and meticulous attention to detail make her an asset to Lucky Bat Books and a treasure to the literary world.

Glennis, Jock, and Bly from Two Sons Automotive must also be mentioned here. A lot of this novel was composed in their waiting room while I waited for oil changes every month (I drive a lot). We enjoy much more than a client/customer relationship, though. Glennis is always sending me clippings from newspapers of local literary events and chatting me up on the like while I’m waiting for my car. They’ve supported my writing since I released my first ebook, and I can’t thank them enough!

Lastly, I want to thank my parents Melanie and Raney Tromblee. They took draft two of this book with them on vacation and both read it in seven days. Feedback was all positive—as it usually is from parents—even though they had to spend their vacation reading about beatings and incest. Among the handful of people who read my work prior to its release, they are easily two of the most faithful. I love you guys and can’t thank you enough for all of the things you do for me.

There are too many more to count, but here are the ones who stand out: Cedric Wilford, Dick & Sheila Yorke, Virginia Yorke, Jeff & Cheryl Greenfield, Jeff Wilford, Kristen Gustavsen, Brittany Tromblee, Emma Sinden, Morgan Tromblee, Vickie Wacek, Erin, Tim & Cecelia Sullivan, Brenda Lewis, Jed Power, Joe Foster, Paul & Nancy Mann, Rosaleen Moore, Tina Leikam, Tripp the Lawnmower, Commander Black, Cynthia Luckadoo, Meredith Griswold, Nate Dufresne, Dave & Erika Vargas, Daniel Fernando David, Brad Goodale, Zach & Bevin Smith, Justin & Lauren Cummings, Gary Rooney, Lorri Gagnon, Cindy Chase, Jim Smith, Monica Blake, Jeremiah Johnson, all the Yorkes and Wilfords and Bonillas and Portillos and Sullivans and Dufresnes and Gustavsens and Beals and Goodales and Valenzuelas and Valemblays in my life, everyone at Lucky Bat Books, and everyone at Red Door Title (just for the hell of it).

…oh, and Stephen King. You messed me up properly, sir.

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  1. Glennis

    Aw Earl, can’t wait 2 read the book & “Thank You” for mentioning the 3 of us in your book also!!! Me thinks this is the first time we have been acknowledged in print for our local writer/celeb!!! C ha soon!!! Gw
    Ps could us a poster 2 post!!!

  2. Dave

    You like me, you really like me …. Fuck now I have to read your book

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