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Album Review: Foster The People — “Supermodel”

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I remember the exact moment, back in the winter of 2011, when I experienced the revelation that Foster the People were destined to enjoy irrepressible success. I was visiting my mother as she did her weekend housecleaning, and as usual she had her mellow, soft-rock style radio station playing through her television. Now I was […]

Topaz is Available!

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I am very pleased and immensely proud to announce that Topaz is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. You can find the book HERE!

A Quick Note: The Topaz Preface

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The following is the preface for Topaz. This is my thanks to those who I adore above all others, who helped me along with this book and in life. With Topaz coming out on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure that I shared this in advance to properly convey my appreciation. ———————————————————– A Quick Note […]


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Just wanted to remind everyone that Topaz will be available on Amazon Kindle March 18th! Here’s a look at the stellar cover artwork, composed by Tina Leikam of WaGooh: