Topaz, Fresh Water, and The Future

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Greetings and Happy Winter to all. With all the posted album reviews, my time spent editing “Topaz”, and the days lost composing “Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond”, it’s been a while since I’ve found the time to post an update here as to the status of my work and what is currently in my pipeline, so let’s remedy that.

First, “Topaz” has moved into final draft form and will be available on Amazon Kindle on March 18th! After nearly a year spent devoting every free moment I’ve been afforded to the tale of Jacob and Brandon Corgan and their adventure on a mysterious and nameless island, it’s almost time to taste the fruits of my labor. Initial composition wrapped up in late November with the entire month of December devoted to “Draft One Vs. The Red Pen”. Copies of draft two were then circulated to ten different parties making up my test audience. Feedback began to come my way in early January, with my cousin-in-law (is that a real thing?), Sam Dunbar proving to be the most dedicated and useful critic. I think he sent the hardcopy I gave him back with close to three hundred post-its sticking out of the manuscript from all sides. Using his feedback and that of my mother, step-father, uncle and wife (of course), the final draft was ready to go as of last weekend. Now I’m just waiting on the final cover artwork from the wonderfully talented Tina Leikam of WaGooh.

Earl Yorke is about to land on the map!

“Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond” is my second official novel, on which I have spent the majority of my time these last few months while waiting for “Topaz” feedback to start trickling into my inbox. The idea for this book came to me shortly after principle work on “Topaz” started, but the ideas weren’t entirely fleshed out until I went on a research hike to the actual Ben Gile Pond in Northwestern Maine last October. It’s come a very long way since then. At 121,000 words in just under two months, I’m nearing the end of the book. Because it fits within the sweet spot of 100-125,000 words that publishers like to see for a debut novel, I intend to use “Fresh Water” as the launching point for my writing career. I’ll be done with principal work next week, and after that I’ll be getting right into its first revision. Once I hit draft two it will be circulated to a smaller test group than “Topaz”, the members of which I have already selected, and once I have their feedback and the book goes to final draft I’ll start submitting my query letters to literary agents in hope of soliciting someone to help sell it. I’m hoping to have the letters out by early June. I will need a lot of luck, but I am determined to follow my dreams.

So what’s coming up next? Well, for anyone who knows my catalogue of work that came prior to 2013, you might be pleasantly surprised when you hear which book I intend to revisit and rewrite. It involves my most beloved character of all time — there’s a big hint. Here’s hoping that 2014 is as productive for me as 2013 was, and that just maybe I might find a way to break into the traditional publishing world, if not just to wage pointless Twitter wars against Stephen King.

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