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Album Review: † † † (Crosses) — “Crosses”

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There’s no avoiding it, so I’m just going to drop the name Deftones right here in the first sentence of this review. While ††† is its own unique band with its own unique sound, there is just no getting around the highly recognizable voice of Deftones front man, Chino Moreno, at lead. And that’s perfectly […]

Album Review: Vinyl Thief — “Stop Motion”

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The Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 created all kinds of hell all over the city where I end up seeing most of my live shows. In the week following the attack, the manhunt narrowed in on Asshole Number Two and effectively shut the city down. It was on the Friday of that week that my […]

Album Review: Broken Bells — “After the Disco”

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Back in the days before my phone was able to tell me what song I was listening to on the radio, I had to depend on the typically crispy-fried DJs of alternative rock stations to identify any new music I heard. I’d say it was fate that a song titled The High Road by this […]

I Know How to Get Along — The Story of Charles Donald Downing

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I wrote this paper in college after interviewing the most amazing man I’ve ever spoken with. It doesn’t require much exposition. This man came from the greatest generation this country ever saw, and I was fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to sit down with him and hear his story. ___________________________________________________ On December 7, 1941, […]