Research Trip, Part One

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The fall season has always been big for me. For some reason I always end up finishing whatever book I happen to be working on in either October or November. It’s very strange… and in no way planned. Seeing as the last book I finished was The Dominance Flush, it’s very exciting to think that this November I will finish the first draft of Topaz… almost ten years to the month after its predecessor.

This post isn’t about Topaz though. Now that I’m back into the writing game and completely invested in it, my sights are already set on my next piece of work, “Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond”. It will be my first attempt at a Wilderness Fiction type of story, taking place in the near future in a post apocalyptic world and following the struggle of a family of five. I will tell this tale from the perspective of the oldest son, who is sixteen years old and has never known a life that didn’t involve a constant fight where, in order to survive, his family’s focus is always on the current day and what it will take to earn the right to see another. I’ll not give away much more than that.

This weekend marks the start of my preliminary work on “Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond”. I will be taking a trip into the deep woods of Rangeley, Maine with my brother, Ryan, who happens to be an avid adventurist. I intend to include him in much of the development of this story because it will come closer to hitting the life that he enjoys, and I try to be as meticulous as possible with my detail. As of right now the plan is to leave a car on one of the dirt roads leading up to our destination, Ben Gile Pond, before returning to our family camp and hiking out on foot. I am told this will be a 10 to 12 mile hike, and while this isn’t my type of thing, I am better prepared for it than I ever could have been before. I can run a 6:54 mile, damn it! Once we reach our destination we will take the car we previously left behind back to the camp. Cocktails will likely follow.

Upon our return I’ll be updating the blog with pictures and stories from our trip as I am certain there will be plenty of each. This is a short post for now since it is really just the intro to what will be a much longer, in-depth recount of our little adventure. If I get eaten by a bear or shot by some hunter, let my last words be very clear: It feels so damned great to be writing again — I couldn’t die a happier man.

Tell the world my story.

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