The “Looking Back” Series

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When it comes to my work prior to age 25 I don’t kid myself… it was pretty bad. The Focus of Bloodlines trilogy, The Dominance Flush and *shudder* The Gangrene Manipulation were very important steps that led me to where I am now, but I was an idiot to think that they would ever be published the way they were and still are.

I’ve been tempted to pull the excerpts I’ve posted from each of the above referenced manuscripts from the blog, but left them here for one very important reason: they are my history. How cool would it be to look back at stuff that Vonnegut had written at age twenty? Good or bad, nothing would stop me from devouring it because we all have to start somewhere, and the beginning of one’s journey is the most important part.

In the coming weeks I plan to start my “Looking Back” series. It will consist of one blog entry for each of the manuscripts I have written to date, telling the story of where I was when I wrote them and what they mean to me. I’ve seen a pretty large spike in traffic here since I re-launched the blog (though when zero is the metric you are comparing said traffic against, anything is a spike), and I want to make sure that anyone who happens to look up my older work understands that it was written almost a decade ago by a very different person. At some point in the coming years I will probably revisit each and every one of them with a box of red pens and see what comes of them, but for now Topaz is my baby and I’ve got my hands full.

One last thing — no, I’m not comparing myself to Kurt Vonnegut. I couldn’t hold a candle to the master himself. Just had to clear that up.

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