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“Fresh Water from Ben Gile Pond” — Available Labor Day, 2015

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In a world where a simple drink of water can kill you . . . When governments collide and the world finds itself in flames on Christmas Eve, only the strong and resourceful survive. For thirty years, the tainted water kills humans and animals alike. Only plants can drink without purifying the poisonous fluid so [...]


Only One Hill

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Starting about three years ago the owner of my company began to notice that I was shedding weight pretty fast. I found during the first few months of my athletic renaissance that people were often reluctant to verbally acknowledge the 20-30 pounds I lost, mostly because they were afraid of me responding to the tune [...]


Let’s Make it Official: Work has Commenced on “The Estafru of Rollinsford”

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I hope everyone is ready for Earl Yorke’s sparkle-free take on Vampire Fiction because I’m going back to the darkness of my roots with “The Estafru of Rollinsford”. This is essentially a reworking of “The Bloodlines of Rollinsford” though many characters (Ezeth and Ere’Din Vegis included) and plot elements will remain the same. I had [...]